Creation as language /

Both my grandparents were architects very much focused on design (btw my twin brother is also architect) and my mother very creative with widely spread manual skills. Therefore I grew up surrounded by creation, languages, observation, which allowed my expression through volumes and materials. I love architecture but I was seduced by this intimacy between an object and its user and the idea to be a part of others’ daily life.

My first atelier was set up on board of an old bus parked outside my family’s house. A capsule of independence immaculate of any outside influence. Whatever happened in there stayed uncontaminated. Then I followed my instincts and positioned myself in a constant learning process, which does not mean I was always right, but everything happens for a reason and helps building a route. Finally, I remained humble before any mission, be it for a simple object or something complex, I always got engaged with the project and went deep.

Creative philosophy /

My C-philosophy is a collaborative dynamic, playing like and orchestra director who creates a transversal dialogue and exchange with all concerned players. I love when the process develops itself like a game. Also, I’m keen on re-inventing or adapting luxury according to the times we live in, by admiring the thing that defines luxury today: time, devotion, uniqueness, details with the minimum impact in the environment.

What is Design /

Design is a way of living, and several definitions could be valid. In my case, design is a group of organic actions and reactions mix of emotions, observation, interactions, creativity and continuity.

I would like to have a visible style, but my style is a sensitive approach to every challenge and is defined by the interaction and collaboration of everyone concerned in the project when pushing their techniques, knowledge and savoir-faire to new territories.

Mauricio Clavero Kozlowski / Creator

As curator for Paris Fine Craft & Creation Biennal /

The richness and diversity of the Chilean artisanal creation have been historically defined by the rugged and isolated landscape of this nation, but also for the constant presence of two characteristics:

– Tradition, perpetuated thanks to the transmission of autochthonous population ancient gestures
– Raw material, mostly endemic
Connected to their origins and inspired by the aforementioned parameters, a new Chilean generation of artists-artisans are now expressing themselves.

This creative, curious and highly motivated generation questions the boundaries of the existent savoir-faire, and goes beyond in a fertile prospective search.
Thanks to this search and its passionate nature, this new generation discovers its own linguistic expression, creates innovative ways of doing and of material transformation, resulting in the rise of a new language.