Creation as language /

Both my grandparents were architects very much focused on design (btw my twin brother is also architect) and my mother very creative with widely spread manual skills. Therefore I grew up surrounded by creation, languages, observation, which allowed my expression through volumes and materials. I love architecture but I was seduced by this intimacy between an object and its user and the idea to be a part of others’ daily life.

My first atelier was set up on board of an old bus parked outside my family’s house. A capsule of independence immaculate of any outside influence. Whatever happened in there stayed uncontaminated. Then I followed my instincts and positioned myself in a constant learning process, which does not mean I was always right, but everything happens for a reason and helps building a route. Finally, I remained humble before any mission, be it for a simple object or something complex, I always got engaged with the project and went deep.

Creative philosophy /

My C-philosophy is a collaborative dynamic, playing like and orchestra director who creates a transversal dialogue and exchange with all concerned players. I love when the process develops itself like a game. Also, I’m keen on re-inventing or adapting luxury according to the times we live in, by admiring the thing that defines luxury today: time, devotion, uniqueness, details with the minimum impact in the environment.